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Trust that we are shifting into our true identity, we are light bodies filled with rainbow ๐ŸŒˆlight, .. now more than ever we need to bring more light, prana, into our physical, emotional, mental and light bodyโ€ฆ. one of the ways to expand the light that lies dormant within is by using mantra.

This is a beautiful mantra that you can chant or listen to๐Ÿ™ have a read of the information below then listen to the mantra and if you feel called you can practice the meditation ๐Ÿ™

What is the Meaning of Pavan Guru Mantra (Pran Bandha Mantra)?

Excerpt taken from :- mantrasmeditation.com

Mantra lyrics:

โ€žPavan Pavan Pavan Pavan

Par Para Pavan Guru

Pavan Guru Wahe Guru

Wahe Guru Pavan Guru.โ€

Mantra translation in English:

โ€The air, the air, the air, the air. The Infinity and beyond the Infinity. The air is the Guru. The air is the Guru. Wha! The Guru is beyond description. Wha! The Guru is wonderful. The air is the Guru.โ€

Pavan Guru mantra description

This Kundalini mantra forges a powerful connection between you as a finite unit magnetic field and the universal, creative magnetic field of energy that we call Supreme Consciousness.

The mantra is the pure pranic energy. There is no better healing method then this mantra. Pavan represents the energy or the prana (which is the life force).

In yoga, the concept of prana is very precise. When we speak of energy (prana), we do not mean the breath, air or oxygen. Scientifically and precisely speaking, prana represents the original life force.

There are three main energetical channels through which this life-energy flows. These channels (also known as nadis in Sanskrit) are ida, pingala and sushumna. Ida, pingala and sushumna meet together at 7 different places. Each meeting place forms an energetic vortex, called chakra.

Reciting Pran Bandha mantra benefits:

The modern mind is distracted, pulled in numerous different directions, and needs a simple method to focus. Thus, ancient mantras serve this purpose most effectively and quietly.

Mantras are also sacred vibrations, and as we know, we are made of pure energy, each vibrating at a different frequency. Kundalini mantras have the power to change that frequency.

Moreover, practicing mantra meditation helps distract the โ€œmonkey mind,โ€ making a meditative state easier to attain. When we meditate early in the morning, before sunrise, we gain the additional benefit of the pineal glandโ€™s secretion (third eye), which regulates our metabolism with melatonin (hormone) and gives us a deeper meditative experience

Pran Bandha Mantra Meditation

Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh.
Eyes: Focus at the Brow Point, at the screen of the forehead. Roll the eyes up slightly.
Mudra: Let the hands rest in the lap, right hand into the left palm. Or just sit with both hands in Gyan Mudra. Become completely still, physically and mentally, like a calm ocean. Listen to the chant for a minute. Feel its rhythm in every cell. Then join in the mantra.
Time: Continue for 11-31 minutes.
Comments: Pran Bandha Mantra means that mantra, or sound combination, that collects, binds, and commands the life force or prana. In our usual non-liberated state, we are controlled by our attachments. We become attached to our finite identity, or to time, space, and intensity of emotion or experience. This mantra takes you beyond those finite attachments. It opens the door to another dimension of the Self. It merges you into the unlimited sea of prana and life. Mantras are revealed or discovered in higher states of consciousness. The seer is aware of both the subtle and gross aspects of the sound. In the subtle realms of consciousness it is the particular blend of qualities that creates the manifestation of things, thoughts, and feelings into our normal life. This mantra forges a link between you as a finite unit magnetic field and the universal, creative magnetic field of energy that we call consciousness. The mantra is from Guru Nanakโ€™s Jap-ji. One who practices this to perfection experiences deathlessness. You can merge into the greater pranic body that does not die with the physical body. Prayers and mental desires become much more effective. This meditation can give you the capacity to embody a divine personality, and to become creative and fearless.
The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan ยฉ2008

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