Lockdown – Yoga update 🧘‍♀️October 8, 2021.

I’ve had recent inquiries regarding face to face teaching back at St Joseph’s and hence this update…

With all respect to everyone’s personal choice under the current situation around medical mandates, I haven chosen not to participate or support medical segregation, so therefore I am willing to sacrifice face to face teaching for now until such time I can enter a yoga room with an amazing open smile that accompanies my open heart..

I will continue to offer classes on line till the end of 2021 then review the path forward as situations unfold 🙏💕

I am totally full of gratitude to all the students that continue to support their personal yoga practice through my classes… until we meet face to face remember to breathe consciously, stop & smell the flowers, walk barefoot on the grass, feel the wind against your face, let the fire burn within you with passion for life and lastly chant OM 🕉. chant OM under the shower and anywhere else that you remember to… in the car while driving or on your walks, whether you chant OM silently or out loud it will neutralise the energy field around you and create harmony, peace & love 🙏💕