Wow! I think I’m in a new dimension….💓

To my fellow life school students travelling on the path of awakening…..

it has been quite a few deep breaths since my last post ..

A new beginning has emerged.

I continue to focus on my inner work and noting that we are currently in the energy of the two eclipses of July it only feels natural that the last 7 year cycle has come to an end. A new chapter has begun for ALL souls travelling on Earth School…I sure am feeling the shift in a profound way.. are you?

a quote from Kahlil Gibran (shared by a beautiful student)

”Forget not that The Earth delights to feel your bare feet

and the Wind longs to play with your hair”

I will hold in my mind and heart to embody this quote as a gift to my soul…

With life I shall play and discover how good it gets..

Sat Nam

Hari Das