Loving Yoga Workshop

Sunday 23 August 2020

Namaste Everybody

The afternoon is designed to progress through a series of Hatha Yoga postures, starting with warm up’s then delving into deeper yoga Asanas finalising the practice with a deep relaxation…..

After short break the group will be guided into a dynamic Osho Meditation that takes an hour to complete.  My symphonic gong will be played during this meditation to assist healing at a deeper’s an amazing experience.

Alison and Hari Das
Alison and Hari Das
Hari Das Kaur and Alison Baker

Hari Das will be guiding the group throughout the afternoon.. and Alison will be the mirror for all participants..

Where:- Swami’s Yoga Retreat
183 – 185 Pitt Town Road, Kenthurst. NSW. Australia.
Cost:- $87.00 (includes optional dinner)
(100% refundable should the workshop not go ahead)
Open to:- 21 participants (beginners welcome)

Payment Options

  • Paypal
    • using the below booking system and changing the “Payment Method” to “Paypal”
  • Onsite
    • if you selected onsite please pay by Bank Transfer
    • email: for details

What to bring 🙏
  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket/warm covering for relaxation
  • Yoga props if you use them
  • Bottled drinking water

Yoga is about uniting Individual consciousness with that of Universal consciousness.  This connection aligns our frequency to that of 💕 LOVE 💓.

Through consistent practice of yoga we begin the journey of going within… nothing is external, everything is within us.. what our minds have forgotten our bodies remember…therefore our personal healing is from within.  As our awareness is heightened through the practice of yoga we can make conscious subtle changes to the Self to raise our frequency.. we are communicating along our path of life through frequency.

Our life purpose is to work on elevate our Self consciously…our frequency naturally lifts then ripples out to the collective helping humanity ascend here on Earth.. It’s that simple! We just need to work on our Self 💕

The moon will be in Scorpio on this day… this energy creates the need to delve into your feelings as deep as possible.

Awesome energy to play with yoga… come, let’s have fun together

🙏 Blessings filled with 💓 LOVE 💓🧘🏼  Hari Das