We Are ONE 💕🙏🕉

let’s all participate in creating our new reality… live your lives through the frequency of your heart and allow this frequency to ripple out into your family and friends, into your community, out further into your country and may your ripples gather the strength to touch all of our planet including our cosmic mother…

although we don’t remember, we were all born for these times, otherwise we would not be here…. We are the change ….. We are love….We are ONE 🙏🕉

Listen to the lyrics and hear the lyrics with your body, with your heart and embody the words into your being 💫

Summer Solstice 21/12/21

Join us for an amazing unfolding night of yoga & healing

This will be a special event in two ways….

Summer Solstice 

and Farewell to face to face teaching at St Joseph’s ..(more on that later)

On Tuesday 21/12/21 is Summer Solstice…. Three beautiful yoga teachers and myself will create an amazing night for you all.

There will be a yoga session guided by two different teachers independently 

Nicole and Alison, both teachers will share their uniqueness through their open hearts..

followed by a sound healing session with Rainbow and her crystal singing bowls

closing off with HariDas by bringing the group into solidarity followed by a healing circle..

This will be an amazing event closing off 2021.

Time:- 6:30 – 9:30pm

Where:- St Joseph’s 33 Barina Downs Rd, Norwest..

Cost $35.00 per person (cash or direct debit on the night)

Please bring your own yoga mat and any other props you use…

Please RSVP to 0402171938 🙏