The Times they are a Changin’

The Universe has created a huge change into my daily routine.  The space that I have had for the past seven years can no longer be used as Prema Yoga Studio.  The space will shift from Sue’s business and serve in a different way.

I will be a bit of a gypsy for the next twelve months and be teaching from different venues. 

Please check my web page  for temporary updates with new locations and times. 

 I know and trust that the Universe has a grand plan for me  and I simply ask “HOW MAY I SERVE?” .  Opportunities will arise and choices will be made so that I can create a new ‘yoga space’ at one location and a new ‘Prema Yoga Studio’ will emerge.

Impermanence is the way of the Universe.   To flow with change easily and effortlessly allows me to feel at peace and have clarity through this time.  I feel very liberated and free with this change.

Please check my webpage and blog over the next couple of weeks for regular updates.