Meatless Mondays

Dear all,

One of our friends has been busy working on a growing international initiative called Meatless Mondays and Australia has finally gone live.  

 Here is our website:

 We have launched for the festive season, and then we will have as of Jan 2010 weekly newsletters with recipes and green initiatives.

 We need you!!! 🙂

 So does Mother Earth – Please Uncle and Aunty do officially Make The Pledge and I would deeply appreciate if you could spread the word via email contact you have and get others to Make The Pledge. The more people who join, the more we can make a difference.

 Thank you deeply in anticipation for making the pledge and for spreading the word.

 For the people, for the planet

 With love and best wishes to all the family,

Namaste 2010

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Namaste 2010 to all Yogis and Yoginis.    

May you all be happy, may you all be well.    

We have now entered the new decade, and I hope for all and myself, that it will be the best decade yet.      

December 12 (last year), we chanted the 4 hour Miracle Mantra meditation.  It was great and enjoyed by all.     

December 21 was celebrated with a Kundalini yoga set and meditation recommended by 3HO for Solstice, balancing pelvic area (2nd chakra) and a beautiful chant for prosperity and emotional balance.  All who participated loved the night   

So we farwelled 2009 beautifully through our yoga practice.  I chanted my way into 2010 with the Healing Mantra of Ra Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung, and I loved it.  So how did you enter 2010?  Hopefully with awareness and joy.   

For those of you who don’t know, I’m now a grand mother, wow! such a blessing.  My beautiful grand daughter, Tehya Star (means precious star) was born December 2.  Words cannot express the love she has brought into my life.  She is a true blessing. No doubt, she will be doing ‘down dog’ very soon, and chanting all sorts of mantras in no time at all 🙂   

Start up is February 1 at St Josephs.  Check the web page for details.