What is MTHFR Gene Mutation?

I personally have the mutation C677T.. basically I received the mutation from both parents.. mother & father which labels the body as Homozygous…
back in 2013 my therapist Dr Rochelle Moat requested that I have this blood test to determine whether I had this gene mutation as my health would not stabilise nor improve…. I took the request to my GP, she got angry that I asked to have this blood test(that’s another story). The blood test came back positive to the 677 gene mutation
….. Knowing My body carried the MTHFR gene mutation changed my healing process in such a way that only brings gratitude and compassion to myself, my healers, and to all those with this mutation.. my life is still a challenge, but it’s now a manageable challenge… along with my yoga practice I can truly say that not one thing will heal the emotional and physical body, it’s definitely a wholistic journey… one of Yogi Bhajan ‘s quotes
“there is a way through ever block”

I came across this not too complicated article and thought I’d publish it..
I Have spoken to many students about the challenges I face and I’m never too sure if my explanation helps individuals understand what this mutation is all about, so when I read this article I thought it not to be too complicated and hard to understand, hence this post….it might open some people up to learn about a common gene mutation that affects our health in many ways and often not identified.