40 day Sadhana

Sat Nam 🙏

Kundalini yoga class this Thursday 17th, I will be offering a free 40 day kriya to collectively do with one and other… the 17th marks day one…

“Kirtan Kriya” – it’s a perfect kriya for ‘change’, it assists at mastering our mind and mends our auric field – healing our individual auric fields we assist mending the auric field of the Earth..

It will be 15 minutes per day using mantra, chanting, moving mudra and visualisation… very easy…. you will receive reminders and inspirational quotes to keep you going 🙏

First we heal ourself and as we heal ourselves we heal the earth💕🙏

If you feel called to be of service to mother earth and yourself please book yourself into thursday nights kundalini yoga class via my website 👌🌈 also… you do not have to be a kundalini yoga student to join👍🌟🤩

Rainbow blessings
Hari Das 💕🙏