Ok! What do you think is going on my dear yogie bees 🧘‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏼🐝

🙏 Classes to remain online till further notice 🙏

Extension of the lockdown… are we now walking the steps that Victoria has just walked?

we need to wake up and start becoming aware of our thoughts, our conversations inside our head and with others and also become consciously aware of our actions…

We hopefully are learning that we are creative beings..collectively creating our reality..

I shall ask you…. Are your three modes of communication in alignment?

Just last night I spilt some boiling water on my right arm (I was obviously not focusing) and now have a largish blister on my arm. (Fresh Aloe vera to the rescue).

Consciously I wasn’t aware of what was happening internally, so my subconscious showed me what was happening by me spilling the boiling water on my arm…

Immediately I said sorry to myself as I realised that I was burning with anger with ‘what’s going on in our world’ and realised my subconscious fears were arising to be cleared… what a blessing to realised this immediately… (I had no idea this was going on within me..) I’ve now been able to clear yet another layer of fear from within… why do I share this…. It’s hopefully opening up some part of the reader to show how things come up for us to clear.. just merely in the recognition gives us that opportunity to heal..

I have to say that I love ‘shadow work’, yes it’s challenging but also rewarding…. as we allow the darker parts of us to arise, we allow more cosmic light into our bodies…. We are PURE light .. the more we align to our light bodies the more ‘IN LOVE with LIFE we become’…. as each individual shifts one’s individual consciousness we lift All of humanity’s consciousness…….

When each individual is ready to heal, we collectively heal….WE are ALL returning to THE RAINBOW CHRIST pulse.. our purest essence, returning to our true Galactic heritage .. we ARE ONE… we all hold and breath the light of Father/Mother GOD within us… and so it is 🌈💚🙏💚🌈

“Groundhog Day” – see lockdown times below

I trust that if you are reading this post you are relatively happy and healthy …. 🙏 ….

At this moment after spending a joyful afternoon just doing stuff, it occurred to me that fortunately for NSW this is only our second lockdown we are experiencing since March 2020…. So…. are we better prepared…

Groundhog Day is a great movie, starring Bill Murray (if you haven’t seen it, it’s a spiritual must..).. the message is clear… you are given chances to change your life; your experiences in life, from moment to moment each day till you wake up and play the game with love…(brief synopsis)

and here we are again with our 2nd lockdown in greater Sydney in 15 months, and yoga classes go back online.. all GOOD 🧘🏼🧘🏻‍♂️🧘‍♀️

This is the timetable while in lock down 🙏 all classes must be booked online…. If you hold a class pass you get two online classes for one of your 💚’s… so you skip payment… (it can all be checked from this end). If you don’t have a class pass you can follow the prompts and pay online.. 🙏

Hatha Monday 11am – 12:15pm … this class continues to be online lockdown or not…🥰

Hatha Monday 7pm – NOT available during school holidays 🙏

Hatha Wednesday 7 – 8:15pm

Kundalini Thursday 6:30 – 7:45pm

Any questions please send me a message either via this website or my email address or to my phone.

Continue to hold yourself in a vibration of love, notice yourself if you drift into negativity, this leads to fear.

“Be afraid of nothing. Hating none, giving love to ALL, feeling the love of mother father God, seeing mother father God in everyone, and having but one desire, for the constant presence of mother father God in the temple of your consciousness, that is the way to live in this world” Yogananda 💚

2021 has well and truly started … yeh!

Quote from the Dalai Lama

For real change, we require more than the blessings of the Buddha, powerful though they may be, and more than prayer, we also need to ACTION. 👌

Thank you to all the students who have returned to their yoga practice , whether online or face to face and I also welcome the new students that have begun their journey with yoga and are willing to accept that “action” is a key element to personal change.. a lot of us are realising and accepting that any change we want to see on our external must start with changing ourselves, internally ..

A lovely afternoon of yoga will be held on March 21, please visit the heading “Events” from this web site, to get full info.. this is a great gift to yourself.. it can be the catalyst to open up into a new awareness of the Self..

I love how yoga works … it works in mysterious ways…let the magical mystery of yoga unfold within yourself, allow your true identity to who you truly are come out from the shadows so that you can feel the light being that you truly are…

Explore your existence through a journey of yoga, on and off the mat…🌟💫☀️

Blessings filled with love💚 Hari Das 🙏

Happy New Year to all Yogi’s past, present and students to come🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏼🧘‍♀️

This is a brief post letting you know start up dates for 2021…

February 1st….Monday 11am Hatha yoga class will continue on Zoom…. bookings required

February 3rd….Wednesday 7pm Hatha yoga class will continue at St Joseph’s .. NO bookings required

February 4th…Thursday 6:30pm Kundalini yoga class will continue at St Joseph’s ..NO bookings required

March 1st… Monday 7pm Hatha yoga class will start on Zoom…. bookings required (this class will not run during school holidays)

Please note: Kundalini class held during 2020 on Tuesday night via Zoom will NOT continue it has been cancelled.

Additional note…. any credit you have for Zoom classes can be used at face to face classes…Feel free to contact me if you need further clarification.

I’m looking forward to a new year of yoga and seeing and meeting up with you again and meeting new students that are keen to start up a relationship with Self🙏

Blessings filled with L💚O💚V💚E. 🕉Shanti; Shanti; Shanthi

Christmas Break 2020

We have come to the end of our yoga year… and wow! what a year 🙏

I would like to thank you all for the amazing support you have all shown throughout the year. The zoom classes were an experience for all of us, but hey! we got through them beautifully and some students still prefer doing a class online for their own personal reasons …. it’s great to be able to serve those who love to keep up their yoga practice that cannot attend a face to face class…Win Win 👌

The workshops were also well supported and I am so grateful that you all keep turning up… three dates booked for 2021 🕉

Please note the following dates 🙏

Last Hatha Monday 11am Zoom class is December 14. Last class for the year will be at Crestwood Park on December 21 (weather permitting- should it rain, we will have the class on Zoom)

Last Hatha Monday 7pm Zoom class is December 14

Last Hatha Wednesday 7pm face to face class at St Joseph’s is December 16

Last Kundalini Thursday 6:30pm face to face at St Joseph’s is December 17

Please note this EVENT 🙏 December 21

Monday night 6:30 – 9pm (2.5hours) we will be chanting the Healing Mantra Ra Ma Da SAA Sa Say So Hung…. we will vibrate this amazing mantra into and through our own bodies so that we can radiate healing to Mother Earth and to the world. December 21 is a powerful date to do this chanting, therefore supporting the alignment of our planet during this intense and miraculous transition…

This event on December 21 will be at St Joseph’s and although there will be no charge, a donation of your choice upon entry to the yoga room will be accepted with gratitude and love. Bookings will be via this web site (coming soon) the yoga room will be open to 35 people and therefore booking essential..no prior experience needed…all welcome..chairs available in the room if you cannot sit on the floor… very excited about this auspicious event.

That’s it for now… start up for 2021 will be February..and I’ll post more about that later..

I hold you all in my daily meditations with love and gratitude…blessings filled with love ❤️ Hari Das 🙏

Zoom classes for this week cancelled 🥺

Monday November 23… Hatha classes ..11am & 7pm Tuesday November 24….Kundalini class …7pm

Some of you already know that we had to have our bathroom renovated… that’s a story in itself.. it is complete and our new bath room is beautiful.. thank you to DonRose builders..very grateful for their amazing work… 🙏 so now that the bath room is complete we can work on the carpet. Yep! the carpet leading toward the bath room door was water damaged and therefore the hall carpet needed replacing….so why not get the bedrooms done as well…. that’s what we are up to…. we have had to clear three bedrooms ready for carpet installation on Monday… my mind thinks 🧐 sure, I can run the evening classes Monday & Tuesday night, but hey🤪 the house is a mess, my body is going through a huge shift so…. I had a rethink and decided, no classes…😩 The Leo part of me likes to keep things going, but that might not be the best thing to do, hence the better decision for me is to not run the classes but I would like to apologise to those students that look forward to their class.

The next zoom class is Monday 11am November 30 followed by the evening class at 7pm and Kundalini on Tuesday December 1 also at 7pm

Thank you all for your understanding and support 🙏 I love you all…..💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕Namaste Sat Nam