11/11 Opening of The Portal of Light 🕉

When I first heard about ‘portals of light’ I didn’t have any idea what on earth it all meant…. so I started reading small articles to help me understand it (I’ve never gravitated to long reads… lol …so I’ll keep this short…🙏

Well, there were so many interpretations around this and other portals I decided to go into my own heart and feel what I feel rather than be told..

My first big event was in India… a Kundalini Yoga Festival held at Rishikesh…. It was amazing as it was held over a few days with a lead up to the 11th… I can not express the energy I felt during this time back in 2011 (11:11:11) and this was my initiation to ‘portals of light’

As I continue my amazing awakening into the light I create patters of light (we all do) magnetising my soul family toward me and assisting one and other into ascension…. whoever is drawn to our patterns of light along the way is assisted by the natural cosmic law of love.

we connect to people never by accident …. feel/see the energy of others, see/feel others as a soul rather than the external form and see/feel yourself shift to a frequency of LOVE… for we are all LOVE 💕💕💕💕

by the way… I will be doing a special kriya for 11/11 this thursday at 6:30pm and you can join online … bookings via the web site

Thanks to Joanne 🙏 here is a short clip of the Rishikesh experience..enjoy👌

11:11 Global Unity Consciousness event

Sharing Adi’s words from FB below 🕉🕉🕉 have a read and if you feel called register on one of the links below to be apart of this amazing event… I’ll be there🙏💕🕉

**Our 11:11 mission is HUGE! **❤🌍❤🌍

Divine Mother revealed the importance of this year’s 11:11 portal. She says it is necessary for as many of us as possible to gather to use sound – music and chanting – to create a planetary, global coherent VIBRATION. 🌈🌈🌈

We now have our dear friends Patricia Cota-Robles, Anrita Melchizedek and Aeoliah Victory joining is live on **Nov 11, 10am – 12pm Pacific time (11am Arizona time) **to bring together many thousands of us around the world to create a collective vibration of Unity Consciousness.

**This task must be accomplished – our future is not written in stone. It is up to us! **💪💪💪

“We are being told by the Company of Heaven that the level of resplendent Light contained in these new patterns will only be perceived on a conscious level by Awakening Humanity** IF**❤ we are able to reach ever higher into the frequencies of Unity Consciousness now present in every Heart Flame. Assisting Awakening Humanity to reach this level of Unity Consciousness is the Divine Mission we are ALL being Called to assist with during the remaining weeks of 2021.” ~ **Patricia Cota Robles **

**You can share the link and set a “reminder” on Youtube to alert you when the event is live. **🌍🌍🌍



October 26 🕉

Today I honour Shanti… the fury four legged being that shared her unwavering energy with us for 16.5 human years …..

Shanti filled our home with total unconditional love, peace & joy..and shared it with anyone who wanted to receive her blessings when they visited..one month ago, our little girl transitioned .. I have no doubt that we will meet again… the love we held was immeasurable 💕🙏🕉