June Yoga Space👍

Thank you to all the yogis that responded to the short survey regarding return to the yoga space at St Joseph’s or stay on Zoom..

The majority of students wish for the classes to stay on Zoom, particularly as we are entering winter…………so Zoom it is! 🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏼🧘‍♀️

I wish to remain as present as I can so I will re assess at the end of each month.

blessings filled with love, light and health ❤️🕉

Forward or Backward in our personal journey

How blessed have we been in Australia over the past months with the global pandemic challenges….

I’d like to start this blog by thanking  all who have contributed in anyway whatsoever in keeping our community and county safe, to all who have unconditionally performed acts of kindness and to the medical teams who have held humanity with compassion, grace and sensitivity seeing thousands back to recovery..

Compassion to the thousands of people that have lost their jobs and to many day to day business owners who have to close their doors, the list could go on and on, however lastly my deep love extends to all those who have had to experience grief because of the death of a loved one during these recent times…

So now that the global tumultuous storm is beginning to lose some of its fury, a common question is arising.  Will individual’s simply return to their old habits or will people genuinely make an effort towards the positive change that have begun…? 

Understanding the Universal Truth that whether you are contributing consciously or unconsciously in a positive way to the ascension of Humanity and to the Planet  the outcome is progressive positive manifestation to the individual, to the collective and to Earth.. this positive manifestation affects all of humanity and our planet for our higher good.

I am not going to discuss returning to old habits as the outcome is obvious.  I’m going to leave it to the individual to decide how they express their journey forward.

How to progress in life in a positive way, to contribute positively to our selves..here are a few pointers to reflect on…

we start by just working on the Self..

not trying to change anyone else…

it all begins with working on the Self..

this means no blame for what appears to be going wrong in our lives… our external experiences are a reflection of what we hold in our internal universe..

All the stuff we see that we don’t like is within us..

All the stuff we see that we love is within us..

Learn to see everything externally as a mirror of what is happening internally that’s needing attention..

it’s arises externally first so we can see it. when we see it externally it is giving us the opportunity to see it within us. it’s arises for us to heal..

Become aware of thoughts…

When we become aware of how we think we can begin to change our thought patterns.

Negative thoughts and emotions must be experienced to be released. Build on your positive thoughts

We can create new habits by not criticising or judging ourselves. Through loving acceptance we can become the change we want to be…. Be in love with who you are, as you are, the person that’s willing to change…

I will leave you with this thought and Truth…Practicing anything for at least 40 days allows you the opportunity to incorporate it into your being, turn on, wake up, and transform! 🧘‍♀️

all in love 💕and kindness… blessing 🙏🙏🙏