Online Yoga Classes

Wow! what a success….. thank you to all the students that have continued doing their yogaΒ practice with me online.. The feeling of connection with other students and being with like minded people remains strong…….. how great is that πŸ™

The classes are running very smoothly and I thank you all for your supportπŸ™πŸ’•

I would like to offer you this following prayer by Michael Joseph Levry.. (you can probably find it on UTube).. it’s really beautiful πŸ’•πŸ™

The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light


Love before me

Love behind me

Love at my left

Love at my right

Love above me

Love below me

Love unto me

Love in my surroundings

Love to all

Love to the Universe

Peace before me

Peace behind me

Peace at my left

Peace at my right

Peace above me

Peace below me

Peace unto me

Peace in my surroundings

Peace to all

Peace to the Universe

Light before me

Light behind me

Light at my left

Light at my right

Light above me

Light below me

Light unto me

Light in my surroundings

Light to all

Light to the Universe


Let the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light be the balm that heals the earth’s wounds.

Now is the time for us to infuse the elixir of love, peace and light into all channels of the world….Great power resides in prayer: every physical action has its everlasting moral effect, as it is transmitted upward through the intermediary layers of existence to the Soul itself. when we recite the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, we are transformed into earthly angels who can heal the world. The earth needs to feel life circulating subtly and secretly in her veins. She is ever ready to hear the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light from humankind, which supports her and sustains her…..JML….

New Class Booking System

Welcome to the new booking system to join any one of my yoga classes.

How to navigate this new system.. take a deep breath in and say…. I can do this πŸ€— then chant Aum πŸ•‰

Now go to MENU and click the tab BOOK A CLASS from there follow the prompts..for those of you using a pass, you will be given a coupon number to enter.

If you encounter challenges just send me a text message and we can sort it out together.. learning to be patient with oneself is paramount … give yourself a 🧸 hug as you navigate this new system…Not everyone will find this a challenge, for some .. this is just a walk in the park… but give yourself a 🧸 hug anyway and be patient with the ones you help out.

Communication is the key πŸ”‘ feel free to call πŸ“ž or text πŸ“± whenever ❀️