Mother Mary 💕

I grew up in a dysfunctional family and the religion that the family practiced was Catholicism….

Over a long period of time as an adult I began seeing the untruths around religion. It took me several years to formally remove myself from the connection to the church…

I thought I was pretty brave looking back as I had a discussion about the incoherence that I was experiencing with a priest, in a confessional booth (lol).. all I remember is so much guilt and shame was being poured into my energy field because I had chosen not to take my son to church and raise him in the faith and also that I had chosen to leave…

I carried all these feelings for many years after.

Today I feel so free of ALL religion and know that I AM that I AM.🙏

I am grateful that I was a brave soul and formally left… it kinda finalised it… made me feel strong…

Coming into the now… I had hesitated listening to Patricia Coda Robles’ meditation titled Mother Mary’s Rosary for sometime, but this morning I decided to do the meditation…. Before I prepared myself to sit, I contemplated on why it had taken me so long to do this meditation… I thought to myself, I must still hold some form of energy toward my upbringing into the catholic faith as we use to do the rosary religiously (lol) every night when I was quite little… hummmm!!! I thought

So I sat and did the meditation……

It is amazing and so connects to who I am today…… I love this and will practice the meditation more often..

We are constantly healing old wounds…. Fractals of ourselves are returning to our being, fractal by fractal.. …the deeper we heal we reconnect ourselves to our divinity and become whole again.

hope that you enjoy the meditation as much as I did 💕🙏

Judgment Day 🕉

There are so many teachings whether religious or spiritual or even beliefs (personal or hand me downs) on judgment day, and I have certainly worked through many… slowly discarding many of my beliefs I read this one this morning written by Matias de Stefano and I needed to share this for this single paragraph is complete…. It is all up to each individual to create….

…”The Universe has no morals. Because the Universe is not attached to any time or space. What you decide to do with existence will never be judged by the Universe. There is no final judgment, there is no one on the other side after death saying who did well and who did wrong, the only rod is the vibration and the energetic weight that one generates in life and each act. The only rod that looks at good and evil is the consciousness of an individual in a specific time and context. Morality is an illusion.” ~ Matias de Stefano