Kundalini Yoga

You might be hearing a lot about Kundalini yoga these days and if you have never tried a class this is a wonderful opportunity to experience the energy that arises from within and to feel the changes it makes to your energy field…
This Thursday sep 26, night class 6:30pm
(no class Oct 3&10)

Experience the Kriya & meditation for courage & strengthening the
Radiant Body…💕

Yogi Bhajan quote “You are wrong if you think your intelligence works or your words are powerful or you are very charismatic. Actually it is your radiant body, the glow, the SHINE in YOU that works”

Buddhist Mantra for Healing

While at the Root Institute a few years back attending a 10 day silent retreat in Bodghaya India, my most favourable memory was walking goats around a stupa, on a lead, which wasn’t the easiest thing to do, and chanting this mantra so that they too could heal and rebirth to a human life form so they can consciously work on their own enlightenment 🙏..this is so beautiful 💕

Tibetan Mantras for Turbulent Times
Deva Premal:
It is a very great honour that Sonam Dorjee, Gelek, Tenzin and Passang agreed to create this album with me. It originally arose out of a desire of mine to chant mantras together with Gyuto monks – those precious souls who have devoted their whole lives to the practice. Their incredible voices and the intense vibration they create, infused with such a deep immersion into the holy sound, has always inspired and intrigued me.
Together we chose eight mantras that we felt to be most helpful in daily life. We also took into consideration which mantras would be most comfortable for our Western ears, so that we would be able to remember and pronounce the sacred sounds correctly.
Each track starts with an invocation by the monks themselves, and when the bell rings we begin the voyage together, into the 108 repetitions. Sometimes the pace is quite fast and you will need to take a breath in between. Don’t worry if you miss a round or two, just stay connected and continue as and when you can.
I want to thank Kit Walker and David Darling for their beautiful musical contributions. Their gifts honour the space, and enhance the sound and the silence that the mantras carry.
A special thank you to Maureen Fallon and Sonam Rigzin, who have been working tirelessly for many years to bring the wisdom and blessings of the Gyuto Monks to the West. I extend my deep gratitude to them for their help in birthing this project.
With love, Deva

The Gyuto Monks (Sonam Dorjee, Passang Gyamtso, Gelek Gonpo, Tenzin Jigme):
Buddhism takes the view that the nature of everything in its most restful state is the blissful union of wisdom and compassion.
This is symbolized in Tibetan tantric practice in the union of male and female energies. Within this state resides our pure consciousness.
Mantra is its sound. Therefore, reciting a mantra while concentrating on its meaning acts as a mechanism to stimulate the feelings which relax the body and mind. This then enables pure consciousness to materialise. To give shape and substance to such awareness, it is visualized as a tantric deity, a metaphor for our Buddha Nature.
As the word ‘mantra’ suggests, it becomes a technology, or tool, that holds the mind together. The power thus generated in this concentrated affirmation is believed to cut through the vision of impure self-perception, which is regarded as the root of all suffering. When this is not recognized, as generally is the case, the stream of energy within our chakras becomes polluted and clogged up. This manifests in the symptoms of psychological and physical disorders.
The eight mantras offered here allow us to release all negative thoughts and address specific problems which habitually cloud our basic purity.
The classic sound of the Gyuto Monks invites us to open our hearts to others in preparation for recitation of the mantras. The invocation sets intention and motivation according to Tibetan Buddhist practice.

I invoke the healing Buddha inside me by going all the way to the supreme heights to remove the pain of illness and spiritual ignorance.
The practical purpose of spirituality is to help others deal with their various life issues. Sickness represents a major problem. Reciting this mantra may contribute to healing on many levels, adding to the effectiveness of medical treatment and medicines.

The full album is available on ITUNES

All proceeds of this CD are directed to the Gyuto Monastery in Dharamsala, India; the Phowa Project; and Veggiyana.
Chanting: Deva Premal and The Gyuto Monks:
Sonam Dorjee, Passang Gyamtso, Gelek Gonpo, Tenzin Jigme Keyboards: Kit Walker
Cello: David Darling
Bansuri: Manose
Native American Flute (Wisdom): Marina Stanton
Recorded and mixed by Kamal Engels (Art of Audio)
Mastered by Rob Fraboni (using FirstSoundTM Analog Feel Restoration Process)
Design: Brigitte Behr
Photography: Melinda Andreas, Deva Premal, Miten Thangkas: Karma Thupten
Mantra notes translated by Sonam Rigzin Edited by Maureen Fallon
Produced by Deva Premal & Miten in collaboration with Gyuto House, Australia
A Prabhu Production
© + ℗ Prabhu Music 2010
http://www.DevaPremalMiten.com http://www.Gyuto.va.com.au

What’s happening to Yoga classes while Travelling to India


I  will be travelling to India to attend a Kundalini yoga and music festival specifically for the grand event of 11-11-11

 in Rishikesh, North India

Celebrating the transition  into the Aquarian Age.

Time of travel will be from October 30

returning to Sydney December 11, 2011

The following classes will be covered by different teachers; they are:-

Monday morning 11am Hatha class – cover teacher – Pauline

Monday evening 6.15pm Hatha class – cover teacher – Alison

Wednesday evening 7pm Hatha class – cover teacher – Alison

Thursday evening 6.15pm Kundalini class – cover teacher – Harlal

Important dates:

Wednesday December 14, 7pm –  Final night’s yoga for 2011 to be celebrated with Kundalini Yoga relaxation with the Gong and meditation

Monday December 19 11am – free yoga at Crestwood Park, Baulkham Hills

Start up for 2012:

Monday January 16, 23 & 30th  –  11am Hatha class

Wednesday January 18 & 25th  –   7pm Hatha class

Thursday January 19 –  6.15pm Kundalini class

February, 2012 – Time table as per web page resumes to normal



This is where Hari Das  will be for 11-11-11

 Mary-Anne/Hari Das will be travelling to India from
October 31 to December 10, 2011

Mary-Anne will be attending the above Kundalini yoga and music festival in Rishikesh.
Thereafter will continue travel within India in a way that will deepen her Spiritual Journey

While away classes will continue except for Tuesday evenings
This class will discontinue October 11 (last class) till further notice

The following teachers will teach the following classes;

Monday morning Hatha class:  Pauline

Monday evening and Wednesday evening Hatha class:  Alison

Thursday evening Kundalini class: Harial/Holly

Last Class and End of Year Party Wednesday December 14

New year start-up date to be confirmed

Namaste, Yours humbly in yoga, love and light, Mary-Anne/Hari Das

Yoga Retreat

Peace and Love

When: September 23, 24 & 25 (Friday 5pm – Sunday 3pm)
Where: The Brahma Kumaris Inner Space Centre
150 MacArthur Drive,
(South West, near Picton, approximately 1 hour from start of M7)

What to expect over the weekend: 

Early morning Sadhana (kundalini yoga and chanting 6am start)

Kundalini Yoga

Hatha Yoga




Gong baths – healing with the vibration of Sound

Healing Circle

Delicious vegetarian meals

Lovely comfortable twin (or triple) share rooms (self contained)

Further details will be released by June
Check www.yogawithmaryanne.com for photos of  past retreats

Cost:-  $385.00 (all inclusive)
Space is limited to 15 attendees;
Your expression of interest is required as soon as possible.
Full payment required before the end of June (3 months in advance)
Cancellation policy;
Full refund applies should the retreat not go ahead.
50% of full amount if cancelling any time in September.

Yours in yoga, love and light  Hari Das

Farewell to Studio

Studio 7

Namaste/Sat Nam

Friday October 9 was the official last night at the studio and was celebrated with the Kundalini Yoga Kriya of  Wahe Guru.  Healing to the vibration of the Gong and the beautiful Healing Circle with Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung. The closure to the space was very sacred and filled with gratitude. 

 The evening was completed with a divine supper.  Students brought in  delicious food which accompanied lots of chatter and good fun. 

Students took home butterflies,  lanterns  or  verses of wisdom from the studio as a treasure holding the beautiful energy of all the yoga, chanting and meditations held over the past seven years. Oh what a blessing to have farewelled the studio with such beautiful people.  Thankyou.

The evening cost was by donation.  Please read below to view the response to the donation.

 12 October 2009

Thank you for your generous donation of $266.00 on behalf of Yoga with Mary-Anne.  Your generosity will enable us to remain committed to our vision and mission. It would not be possible for Barnardos to address the issues of childhood neglect and abuse without your loyalty. For this we send you our heartfelt thanks.

Together as a community we can contribute to providing answers that solve problems, not just for each individual child, but for all Australian children.

 At Barnardos we believe all children deserve a safe and caring family where their voices are not ignored. Your support will help children just like Molly believe it too.

Barnardos Australia


The new adventures now begin.  Thank you all for your support.  Blessings to you all. Love and Light xxxxx