A beautiful experience….

This is now my 2nd ‘float’ at saltsoak and I felt so much more at ease 2nd time around..

Unlike the tanks I’ve floated in in the past (like 20 years ago) there is a light switch on the inside of the tank (pod) which I had turned off for the full session…the peace and stillness with just the sound of the breath is healing in itself… I now understand a comment a yoga student has expressed to me in the past of her diving experience, “it’s just you floating with the sound of the breath”

I leave feeling more refreshed, pain free, and invigorated.

The pod rooms and and studio itself has a stunning modern design. The staff are the friendliest I have come across and highly informed.

If you are even considering to have a float I highly recommend Saltsoak in Balmain💕🙏